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Too many businesses and practices put zero effort into leveraging the power of the web and simply allow their businesses to be automatically listed, often incorrectly, on any of the thousands of directories on the web.

If you don’t care about your business, who will?

Directory submission is a crucial process associated with search engine marketing. Once your website is built and optimized, it needs to be submitted to directories and search engines to be indexed in their directory lists or databases.

Directories are one of the best ways to get high page rank (PR) backlinks from relevant websites that the search engines consider important. Here are some of the tips to get the most out of a direc- tory submission.

The title should be well-defined and give clear indication of the site’s business. The description should be a brief introduction about the company. Always use the same name, address, phone, email, and web address across all directories.

Page Rank (PR) is the value Google gives the website. For in- stance, Amazon, Google, and YouTube all have a 10 PR. Select directories with at least a 5PR. On the Resources page on you’ll find a list of directories.