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When the media uses you as an expert, it’s an implied endorsement that is central to the marketing without marketing strategy.

After writing your book, building the media into your marketing plan is the single most powerful process for gaining quality expo- sure.

As great as the Internet is, your website is more like a channel on massive cyber-TV with millions of channels. People have to find you. You have to “pull” them to your site whereas in the media you are “pushed” to the audience.

With the media as part of your marketing plan, I will show how you can create stories for your business each day. You can literally be in the media, to some degree, every single day.

It’s important to understand that your goal in getting publicity is not to blatantly advertise your business. You are most valuable to the media as a great source of expert information in your field.

Take the mindset that you are an expert, not a pitchman. You want to give the media the impression that you have done this before rather than you are “just happy to be here.” You want the audience to think you are top dog in your field and that you have a waiting list of clients and reporters.

Reporters are constantly looking for people with information that they can pass on to their audiences – readers, viewers, and listeners. You must understand your value to reporters in order to consistently be invited back.

Make it a goal to become well known as the expert in your field in your media market. You will become the “Go-To” guy or gal on whom the media will come to rely for stories.

Preparation Meeting Opportunity Makes You a Hero or a Zero

Imagine getting a call from a local TV station producer who has a host who has called in sick. They want to know if you can host the show for one hour as a replacement. If you do well, you’ll ascend as a pro in the eyes of the local media. If you don’t do well, you will be written off as an amateur and the media will look to your competitors for future opportunities.

How would you do in that scenario? Are you prepared to carry a show for an hour? It’s a lot harder than it looks, especially since the show takes calls from viewers and has guests you have to interview. Would you be the hero or the zero?

I ask this because that is exactly what happened to me. I had a local TV station call me to fill in for a host who was ill. I had just three hours to create a one-hour program. However, because I was constantly working with the media, I pulled it off. As with any worthwhile goal, preparation is the key. When opportunity knocks you want to be prepared to take advantage of it.